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Fic Post!

Title: No
Author: hbprincess
Pairing: H/Hr
Rating: PG 13
Summary: A challenge story for a bunny plot. Harry [and Ron] is a famous Quidditch player and we know how gorgeous Harry is and also how many girls there are after him... Among them a certain red-head.

“No” came his voice from the other side of the line. “I’ll be home soon, love” he said speaking a little bit louder so he could be heard.

The cheers of victory could be perfectly heard from the other side and Hermione was already agog to Apparate there and celebrate with her husband England’s victory on the World Cup. “Harry,” she started. “I would love o be there celebrating with you-”

“Hermione, I’ve told you… You’re pregnant and I’m not letting you come to the eagerness of a Quidditch Wold – Oi, Guys! I’m trying to talk to my wife here! - Sorry, love… You’re not moving. I want you at home when I return, then we can–“

“Hey, Harry! Hang up that phone!” a feminine voice ordered. Hermione was almost sure it was Ginny’s.

“Harry?” she called. “Are you still there?”

“I am, sweetheart. Look, you trust me?” she nodded and made an approving sound. “So believe that I’ll be home soon… Lo – Will you please shut up! – Love you” he said sweetly.

“Love you, too…” and, before she could utter the last word, Harry had hung up the phone. “Shit” she cursed. She had been so determined to go and celebrate with Harry, but Harry had said no. In her opinion, Harry had been very protective towards her since she had told him she was pregnant… But now, she thought about Harry not wanting her to go to his playoffs. Maybe because he was with someone else at the same time as he pretended to have his eyes on her and care for her. She knew what his team mates used to do when ever they won… ‘Chicks’ she thought reproachfully.

‘I look like a cow… I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry had an affair…’ she thought annoyed. “You know little one? If your dad is like his team mates then believe that he’s a total prat.”

But it was because of Ginny she was worrying so much. She had been Harry’s girlfriend back to their sixth year at Hogwarts and, differently to Hermione, she was pretty and she did not look like a great cow. Ginny’s hair was perfect. It was a sheet of red hair that Hermione envied so much. He magnificent blue eyes were the world compared to Hermione’s simple brown ones. Ginny was the leader of his Fan Club that insisted on being there every game he played. It was Ginny that made her worry… not every other woman who fell down to Harry’s feet.

She could not hold a sigh and the eagerness of going there, celebrate with her husband and no-one else. ‘No red haired girls allowed’ she thought confidently. And turning to the door, Hermione put her cloak around her and went to the nearest Apparation point.


Some moments later, she was on a crowded room, roaring with cheers and chorus of England’s anthem and songs dedicated to both Harry and Ron.

“Please, let me through!” she shouted so that she could be heard by anyone she could bump into. The crowd slowly parted and gave her way until she found Ron.

“What are you doing here, Hermione?” he asked.

“Where’s Harry?” she responded with annoyance.

Ron blinked confusedly and finally said: “I’ve seen Ginny dragging him somewhere… I think… that one over there” he pointed at what looked like a gigantic broom cupboard and Hermione left him there, trying to part the crowd again. “A ‘thanks’ would be nice, no?”

Ignoring everyone who called her attention, Hermione made through the crowd and jogged towards the door.

She heaved her hand and grasped the door handle firmly and pushed it open.

And then, her heart sunk, her heart stopped beating and her mind blocked instantly. She was facing her worst fear: Ginny and Harry, her Harry, were kissing like that would be the last thing they would ever do.

There she stood, immobilised by the scene she was witnessing. Harry really did have an affair. And it was with Ginny.

“No…” she mumbled. “No…” she said a bit louder. With that, Harry suddenly broke the kiss and looked at Ginny with repulsion and then turned to look and his fuming wife.

“Hermione… don’t - this is not what it looks… I would never betray you and you know that” he said softly, caressing her arm. “I love you too much to betray you!” he swallowed loudly and Hermione took that as a ‘please, believe this fucking lie!’

She frowned at him and said: “Do you?” she dragged her arm away from Harry and took two paces backwards. “Then why were you kissing-kissing-kissing this BITCH!” she yelled, pointing at Ginny who was looking delighted with their quarrel.

Harry moved towards Hermione but she, again, walked away from him. “I just want to wish you luck… And may you live happily ever after with that bitch!” and removing her ring from her finger and throwing it on to the floor, she turned and left, crying uncontrollable tears.

“No… Harry, no!” she mumbled on her sleep. Her face was drenched with sweat and tears. That dream had looked so real. She shifted on the bed and noticed someone lying by her side.

“Mione… Wake up!” he called. She opened her eyes and looked deep into Harry’s emerald eyes and instantly clung into him, sobbing against his shoulder.

“It was horrible… you and Ginny… and I left you…” she mumbled incoherently into his shoulder, while he stroked her hair and made shushing sounds, trying to calm her down.

He brought her head up so she would face him and wiped her tears and sweat off her face and gently placed a kiss on her forehead. “Everything’s fine now, Mione… It was just a nightmare… I would never betray you… shh!” he said looking deep into her wife’s eyes and embracing her once more, he rocked her back and forth.

It had been just a bad dream… Harry was still hers and no-one else’s. And no… she would never leave him.

And another one:

Title: His Angel
Author: hbprincess
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Challenge story for St. Valentine's Day. Fluff all over. Nothing much.

“Harry,” whispered Hermione, seeming quite worried. She rolled on the bed and lighted the lamp. “Harry! Harry, please, wake up!”

Harry opened his eyes slowly. “What?” he asked drowsily, looking for his glasses. His very pregnant wife was calling him anxiously. “What do you want now?” he asked looking at her directly in her eyes.

“I want you to take me to St Mungo’s, Harry.” With that a complete silence fell between them. Harry blinked while Hermione held her belly with an anxious look on her face. “I think my water just broke.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know what to do. “Bleeding Christ! What am I going to do? Oh, Harry that’s easy! I’ll take her to the Hospital! Is this normal?” he thought.

Hermione, struggling against the pain, dressed in a coat slowly. Harry hurried her into the car and drove to St Mungo’s.

Minutes later, he was sitting impatiently in the waiting room of the maternity ward. “Oh, dear Merlin…” he muttered. The pressure on him was so much he was sure he’d faint. Suddenly, a baby cry woke Harry from his trance. “My son!”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, mate, but I think that’s my son,” said a man beside him, getting up. It was just then that Harry noticed the Healer wasn’t calling for him.

Harry sat down, sinking into the chair, drumming his fingers on his leg. But many baby cries later, Harry calmed down and the drumming stopped. “Mr. Potter, you have a girl!” announced the Healer, who had a little baby in her arms.

Harry ran towards the his newborn child, and said picking her up, “Hey, my Angel! I’m your daddy.”

Moments later, Harry was sitting beside his wife smiling. Hermione’s eyes had a glitter Harry’d never seen before. Beside her, were flowers and boxes of chocolates.

“I brought you something, mum,” he said revealing a heart shaped chocolate box and a brunch of red roses.

“Oh, Harry! You shouldn’t have! There are lots of things you could give me not spending money,” said Hermione looking at the presents Harry had brought her. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

“She’s … like her mother,” he said sweetly, the glitter in Hermione’s eyes increasing almost turning into tears.

“Yes … beautiful….” mumbled Harry in the sleep.

“Who’s beautiful?” asked Hermione in Harry’s ear. Harry opened his eyes and saw his wife standing beside him. “What were you dreaming about?”

“You … and our baby,” he answered drowsily, getting up and grabbing Hermione’s waist. “It was a girl, and she was just like you … an angel like her mother.” Hermione giggled. “Oh, it’s true!” he said caressing Hermione’s belly. “Let’s dance.”

“You think that we’re having a little girl, is that?” she asked, beaming. Her eyes, like in Harry’s dream, were glittering like the sun on a summer day. Harry nodded. “And you think she’ll look like her mother? I think that she’ll look much like her father, psychologically a Marauder, physically like her mother perhaps.” Tears were filling Hermione’s eyes. She couldn’t take all the happiness.

Harry seized a rose and put it behind Hermione’s ear. “Because you are the best woman I’ve ever met and because I know you’ll be a great mother as well.” She closed her eyes and claimed his lips. “Not because you’re The Chosen One’s wife, just because you are Harry Potter’s wife, my wife.” He claimed her lips knowing she knew that inside her was what would soon become her Harry’s angel…
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