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Fanfictions and a Challenge

Hello all!

I'm back posting and today I bring you a bunch of fanfictions and a challenge. Hope you like them.

Mistletoe Love
Author: hbprincess
Rating: G
Summary: Sorry if I'm reposting this and you've already read it but I hadn't posted it here yet so I decided it would be a good idea. A little, cute poem written for a Christmas Challenge.

Sitting by the fireplace
Wishing impossible things
Dreaming of touching your face.

Every time I whish you
You show up…
Every time I think of you
A smile upon your face
Forces me to restrain
All the willing I have
To hug or kiss you.

Around me, the smell of
A sweet perfume that
Fulfilled the room
You’re carrying
A bubble light and a star.

You smile at me
And I smile back
Though I wanted more.

I’m watching you now
Placing candy canes
In the twinkling tree.

Still sitting here alone
You come towards me
But suddenly you
Turn leaving me
Standing here alone again.

Oh! How much I’d give to
Be playing footsie with you
Taking our champagne.

Then I see you smile
I see you finally sitting beside me
It feels great.

You ask me where I’ve been
Staring all this time
And I answer “At you”
I’ve been staring at you
For several years
Yet in secret.

She approaches her head
And I can already feel her breath…
In your hair a mistletoe
In your lips…
…there are mine.

Title: No Stronger Love
Author: hbprincess
Rating: PG
Summary: Ron's poem to his lost love.

They say that there’s no stronger love than a long friendship, with no fights, or maybe some. I remember that someone used to say that only after that the both of them would learn how to love each other and after it begins, it will never end.

I tried to make it happen, but even though I had been warned I still gave a damn to what they told me. I thought that all that they said was the rarest rubbish… But now I see them smile broadly at each other and all the sudden their excuses of “I’m going out there for a minute” make all the sense.

Although I love her still, and more than you can imagine, she ignores me and loves him instead… My own best friend…

I shove a piece of parchment under Ginny’s nose, and then I walk towards the window and open it. The winter breeze blows into the house. Ginny shivers and sit on a stool near the window, watching the newest couple on the wizardry world, playing in the snow.

Undone it will come
With no fruits of a
Deeper love
It was wrong to be with her

Their love was stronger
It surely won
She’s not for me
And I am for her

I made her suffer
Now want to embrace her
How can I be so damn

It has come to end
Very soon it came
Although I knew it would
I still suffer with the love
I couldn’t bring together

She suffered with every word
I said and now I see their love
It’s deeper and daring
You could see no better

I bite my nails for it
Try to come over it
But still I loved her much
I could get no better punch
Than three words like “I love him”
With a smile
That felt more like a grimace

So my only chance is look up
Forget her at once
And face the fact that she hates me
And loves Harry instead.

“This is beautiful, Ron!” says Ginny as she moves towards me. “But it’s Hermione’s life… if she chose Harry, you cannot do anything…” she pats my knee as she talks.

I look at her with a blank look. “I shouldn’t have made her suffer the way I did… she didn’t deserve…” I say returning my look at Harry and Hermione, now throwing snow balls at each other. Ginny shakes her head.

“Oh, Ron! Only if you had noticed that earlier… I guarantee you that it would be you outside.

“And how do you think I’m feeling? I loved Harry as well! Maybe not as much as you loved Hermione, but I loved him” she says softly, trying to comfort me.

Harry now pushes Hermione towards a tree and starts kissing her passionately. I turn my head to Ginny once more. “Do you really think that?” she nods. “Then I must restart my life… find someone else to utter my life…” I smile and she smiles back.

“Shall we go outside?” she asks still beaming. I nod and stand up from the stool, walking towards the door. Outside Harry and Hermione are still kissing. I know they utter each other and I know that I’ll feel as utter as the both of them. I’ve decided that I want to be as happy as they are.

Challenging time!

What  you write or draw based on these words?

- Leaves;
- Fall;
- Trees;
- Love;
- Coat.

Umm... I'm having ideas. So if you want to participate just post your fanfiction (up to 1,000 words) or artwork. I'll keep the challenge for quite a while and then will close it and think about the winner to both artwork and fanfiction challenges.

You know the rules. H/Hr only. It can be any rating.

Hope you participate.

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