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Banners, Icons and Fanfic

Hello and Welcome to Honestly In Love!

I'm Joanne, and today I bring you a cute batch of icons and a little fanfiction.

To the arts:

Credits go to: hbprincess


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And the fanfiction:

Title: Final Goodbye
Author: hbprincess
Pairing: H/Hr
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and R
Warnings: Character death, violence

The duelling carries on… I know the war is close to an end but I see no ending. There’s no light on the far ending of the tunnel. Or at least I don’t see anything.

My body is aching terribly since I’ve been hit by the Cruciatus Curse what seemed a million times. I want to tell him something but can barely think… If I could only reach him it would be all alright. But he’s not here and my vision is blurry.

“Harry…” I breathe. I cough and cradle throughout the battle field. It’s dangerous, I know, but I could do anything just to find him and look into his emerald green eyes one last time before I go, before I leave him.

I never should have waited so long to say
what I've always known since the very first day

A strong feeling… that’s what I’ve been keeping from him all these years, especially since fourth year and during all these years the war has dragged itself it got even stronger.

I want to have him on my arms and tell him that I love him with every bit of my being. But I just can’t tell him… He loves Ginny and there’s no way I can have his heart. Not now when I know I’m about to pass away…

A Death Eater comes my way and kicks me on my left thigh and I fall over completely exhausted. I can’t take this anymore… I want him here. I want Harry with me. If I have to die I want to die with him alongside me. “Har- ry…”

Thought that you would stay forever with me
but the time has come to leave

I hear his voice, convicted and demanding, telling everyone to stick together and asking someone where I am supposed to be.

A weak smile spreads across my face and I try to make a sound, however unsuccessful. I turn around on the ground and try to reach his leg, grab it or whatever just to call his attention and make him face me one last time, tell him what I’ve been so keen to during all these years… I love him…

“Here… Harry!” I manage to say. He immediately looks down at the ground and stares at my scar-filled and aching body and kneels in front of me.

“Hermione… What happened?” he asks anxiety all over his expression.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life

I look at him and manage a little cheerless smile. “I’m fine, Harry… I’ve been attacked but I’m okay…” I say. My breath ragged and shallow, I reach for his hand. It’s now. “Harry… I need to tell you something…”

He leans closer to me as my voice is barely audible and caresses my face. “I want you to know that I did everything I could to keep you alive and-” I pause as a throbbing pain attacks my whole body. “-and I did everything to help you find the Horcruxes during these two hard years…” I stammer as tears start to form in the corner of my eyes. I can hardly tell him that I’m dying, but I’m sure he has noticed that already because tears can also be seen on his eyes.

“Hermione, what are you talking about? Come on, get up you can do it!” he says patting my shoulder lightly and caressing my arm afterwards.

I shake my head weakly and sniffle. “I can’t… I’ve been here for too long and I’m not necessary any longer so it’s my turn to leave. Harry, promise me you’ll never forget me…”

“I won’t Hermione, because you won’t leave! I won’t let you leave me alone!” he says, shaking his head furiously, unable to let go of my arm, now grasping it so tightly that the pain I felt on it has almost gone.

“Don’t be such a child, Harry… I’ve already done my job. I kept you alive and I’ll die for you now… Don’t make my effort worthless because I know it wasn’t. I love you…” I give him a small smile with all my emotion put on it.

It’s you that I live for, and for you I die
so I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye

He stares at me, wordless, for a couple of minutes. My smile starts to fade as I see no response from him. “He doesn’t love me…” I think, closing my eyes and taking several shallow breaths.

And then, the unthinkable happens when I feel his lips on mine. “How long?” he asks breathlessly as he breaks the kiss.

My smile returns and, as though it’s small, it means the world to him. “Since fourth year… You don’t know how much I’ve suffered during those years. Especially fifth year when you told me about your date with Cho-” I cough; my breath becomes shallower with every word I say. “And when you kissed Ginny… my smile… I wasn’t happy. I was taken aback… my chances of having you on my arms were almost null.” I pause and inhale deeply exhaling it in a rush. It’s close. I feel it.

The battle sounds around us evade my ears and my head aches terribly. I reach for his hand and hold it tightly against my chest. “Promise me, Harry… You’ll never let go…”

He nods and holds me close to him and kisses me passionately. I pour every ounce of energy on that kiss, just to make it memorable… I feel better. He now knows and this is no more a secret I’ll take to the grave.

Hold, draw me close, close to my lips
Listen intently as I tell you this
Outside the world wages its rewards, I'll rest in peace as long as you know

And the battle carries on… We’re only listening and wishing this would have never happened, because now I wouldn’t be here, awaiting death to come my way and take me from him.

“Mione…” he says. I look, wearily, up and gaze at him. His green eyes are penetrating my brown ones with passion. “I love you, too…” I smile at him, more wearily as each second goes by.

He lays my head on his lap and kisses my forehead tenderly. And I lay there, staring at the dark blue sky, at the clear night of July. I feel a breeze on my face, it’s telling me goodbye. Amazing how nature knows a being is dying.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
Its you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll Lay here with you till the final goodbye

The pain increases and I feel it closer and closer every second. “It’s coming…” I whisper. He holds my hand and raises it to his lips kissing it sweetly afterwards.

“Will you wait for me?” he asks as he leans on to me, his lips almost brushing on mine.

I give him a tiny smile and he kisses me, his lips perfectly fitting mine. “Su- sure…”

My breath is shallower and ragged. Anytime now… it should come and rip me away from him… for ever.

Promise you our love will carry on
until you turn eternal, we belong

“Where’s him?” I hear screaming. It was Voldemort… he is looking for Harry.

I look at him urging him to go and get it over with… At least I’d die in a safer world.

“No!” he presses. “There’s no way I’m leaving you to die alone… If you die, you die with me next to you!”

I can’t talk anymore… the end is close and the words are written on my eyes. They say I love Harry and I’ll wait for him no matter how long it takes until his departure from the living world. Mine is minutes away…

Spells’ sounds are heard everywhere and I take one of my last breaths.

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes
I'll tell you a secret I've held all my life
It's you that I live for, and for you I die
So I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye

I look up at him, he penetrates me with his eyes and reads the sentences buried deep within them: ‘I love you…’

“I love you, too, Hermione…” and kisses me for the last time.

‘Thank you… for all that you did and for loving me’ my eyes read. He smiles and tells me to rest.

His respectful lips for the last time
and spell out the lyrics to love in the sky

I lived for you with all pleasure and it is with even more that I die for you.

They say that when you die, memories don’t go with you to the other world… Memories are the livings’ and dead people are not worth them. I don’t care because Harry will for ever be with me… I’ll wait for him as long as it takes. I know he loves me, and I thank him for that.

It’s you that I live for and for you I die
so I'll lay here with you till the final goodbye


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