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Honestly In Love

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HHR at Dreamwidth [August 14, 2018]


Prompted based Fanfiction Challenge
Hosted by HHR @ Dreamwidth


This fanfiction challenge is a Harry/Hermione prompt based challenge that is a new event. Anyone can submit prompts, anyone can claim them, and you don't have to join to claim or submit a prompt.

Sept 01 2018 - Oct 31 2018
Submit Prompts

Nov 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018**
Sign ups & Claims

Jan 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
Write and Post

April 01, 2019 - April 30, 2019
Voting and Polls

May 01, 2019 - May 15, 2019

[December 01, 2011]

One Harry/Hermione Manip.
It's been about 3 years but here's a new one.
Full, Color, & Rules behind the cut.

Clicky Clicky . . . )

Manipulations [May 17, 2009]


[44] Harry and Hermione Manipulations
[03] HP Group Manipuations
[04] HP Conceptual Manips
[03] Twilight Manipulations
[01] Twilight Movie Poster


( 愚生 缶 八九分 拝観 其れ 其 夢 愚生 夢路 )


[October 22, 2007]


HHR Blends [August 08, 2007]

[18] HHR Blends


[May 08, 2007]

Hp Manipulations
[1] Hp Group
[2] Ginny Weasley
[1] Hermione Granger
[2] Harry and Hermione
H/Hr Icon Dump 2 = 59

H/Hr Artwork
3 Verisons

( Click here )

Hp Manipulations 4 [April 10, 2007]


[1] Cho
[6] Ginny
[2] Harry
[6] Hermione
[4] Luna
[1] Draco/Ginny
[1] Hermione&Ginny
[2] Hp Girls
[1] Hp Group
[5] H/Hr
29 Manipulations 

( And Run Forever .... )

Hp Art [February 03, 2007]

[4] H/Hr
[1] D/G
[1] R/LL


C L I C K  )

Hp Manipulations 3 [February 03, 2007]

[1] Hp Group
[5] H/Hr

( Click to See )

Hp Manipulations [January 10, 2007]


[2] Harry Potter
[1] Hermione Granger
[3] Ginny Weasley
[1] Cho Chang
[9] Harry/Hermione
[1] Draco/Ginny
[1] Ron/Luna
[2] Hp Girls
[1] Little Potter (H/Hr's kid)
[1] Little Potter & Little Malfoy (H/Hr's & D/G's kids)
= 22 manipulations

( >>>>Click )

Pimping userinfoHHR_Unity

This is a Challenge Fanfiction type community, but the big different is that it will be purely round robin. Anyone can join, but you don't need to be a member to do it. Rules on posting, and being a member are not hard, but may change if there is to much spaming.

H/Hr Icon Dump [December 05, 2006]


Harry/Hermione Icon Dump

[   8 ] Pumpkin Cookies
[   9 ] Sorcerer's Stone
[ 20 ] Chamber of Secrets
[123] Prisoner of Azkaban
[ 98 ] Goblet of Fire
[ 24 ] Order of the Phoenix
[ 24 ] Made from my Manips
Over 300+ H/Hr Icons


Both Pt.1&2 have 300+ Icons, and So I figured I split it up for convience and people like me with dial up.
Rules and the rest of the Icons at the links below.

( Part 1 )  ( Part 2 )

Hp Manipulations [November 26, 2006]

[1] Ron/Luna
[1] Little Potter (H/Hr's kid)
[5] Harry/Hermione
[2] Luna Lovegood

( >>>Click )

Fanfictions and a Challenge [September 01, 2006]

[ mood | busy ]

Hello all!

I'm back posting and today I bring you a bunch of fanfictions and a challenge. Hope you like them.

Mistletoe Love
Author: hbprincess
Rating: G
Summary: Sorry if I'm reposting this and you've already read it but I hadn't posted it here yet so I decided it would be a good idea. A little, cute poem written for a Christmas Challenge.

Title: No Stronger Love
Author: hbprincess
Rating: PG
Summary: Ron's poem to his lost love.

Challenging time!

What  you write or draw based on these words?

- Leaves;
- Fall;
- Trees;
- Love;
- Coat.

Umm... I'm having ideas. So if you want to participate just post your fanfiction (up to 1,000 words) or artwork. I'll keep the challenge for quite a while and then will close it and think about the winner to both artwork and fanfiction challenges.

You know the rules. H/Hr only. It can be any rating.

Hope you participate.



Iconage [August 18, 2006]


A whole bunch of icons were just made. 

You should check them out.

View the icons at my Journal.

X-posted everywhere.


Fic Post! [August 16, 2006]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Title: No
Author: hbprincess
Pairing: H/Hr
Rating: PG 13
Summary: A challenge story for a bunny plot. Harry [and Ron] is a famous Quidditch player and we know how gorgeous Harry is and also how many girls there are after him... Among them a certain red-head.

And another one:

Title: His Angel
Author: hbprincess
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Challenge story for St. Valentine's Day. Fluff all over. Nothing much.

Writting and Artwork Challenge [July 28, 2006]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello fellow shippers!

I want to introduce you two challenges. A writting challenge and a artwork challenge... The rules are under the cut.

[July 26, 2006]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello, everyone!

I'm sorry last post was a bit in a rush and I could only post some artworks and a fanfiction. I really didn't  have to time to welcome you properly! Well, but never mind that...

I'd like to add that some time now I may create a prompt. Prompts can be created by whoever wants to and they must follow the rules of the Community.

Aside from prompts there will be word challenges that will also follow the rules and will have their own:

- The story for the challenge can be any pairing. But it HAS  to end H/Hr!!

- Any rating (G-NC-17)

- A word or more are given. The person who takes the challenge must pick a title and the fanfiction must contain the words given. (Note: The title cannot be the challenge's title either and the words cannot be changed from singular to plural nor from plural to singular )

- The word count should be 500 or less,  1.000 or less or 2000 or less. Remember: the challenge story MUST NOT go over the established word count.

And those are the rules!


Joanne wants you to join/watch this community

Banners, Icons and Fanfic [July 24, 2006]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Hello and Welcome to Honestly In Love!

I'm Joanne, and today I bring you a cute batch of icons and a little fanfiction.

To the arts:

Credits go to: hbprincess


Teaser:[1]  [9]

And the fanfiction:

Title: Final Goodbye
Author: hbprincess
Pairing: H/Hr
Rating: somewhere between PG-13 and R
Warnings: Character death, violence



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